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Project Description

Graystone Winery specializes in Port, and is the only Port House in Colorado. We are committed to producing a world-class Port for your enjoyment.

Named for the gray majestic shale bluffs surrounding the Grand Valley and Colorado River, Graystone is also close to wild horse country. The horse on our label is a tribute to the wild horses still making their home on the surrounding bluffs and mesas.

Long known for its fruit producing climate and soil, the Grand Valley is still seeing new vineyards being planted here. The microclimate and soil are ideal for producing a remarkable vitality and character in the grapes. Warm summer temperatures and cool nights throughout the growing season provide perfect conditions for maturity and balance. Truly awesome Wine Country!

Founded in 2001, this small boutique-style winery has consistently produced award-winning Ports in both national and international wine competitions. Graystone produces a traditional Ruby Port made from locally grown Cabernet and Merlot grapes. We also feature Lipizzan Port, a unique White Port made from local Pinot Gris grapes.

Visit our tasting room to sample our award-winning Ports, browse our gift shop and take in the incredible scenery surrounding the Grand Valley. Graystone is open daily throughout the year.

Where to Find Us:

Graystone Winery
Tasting Room & Gift Shop
3352 F Road
Clifton, CO 81526
Phone: 970-434-8610
Web: Our Website

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