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Project Description

At Carlson Vineyards, wine is not treated as the nectar of snobs. One step into the winery will show you that the Carlson’s put their hearts, skill and wit into making superb wines that you’ll enjoy.

The Carlson’s winery is a favorite stop for both locals and visitors because the experience is as enjoyable as their wines. In 1988 they opened their tasting room in a vintage 1930s era fruit packing shed. Ever since, people have been seeking their wines.

Visitors to Carlson’s feel so at home, they often linger to sip wine, relax and picnic in the tranquil backyard bordered with vineyards and flowerbeds.

Situated in a semi-arid landscape, this protected, high-altitude valley cut by the Colorado River produces remarkable wines. Sinfully flavorful wine grapes and fruits flourish under the care of neighboring growers. Carlson wines are known for capturing these pure Colorado-grown fruit aromas and flavors.

Parker Carlson and staff are on hand to pour tastes in the tasting room and to chat. Notice all the medals dangling from wine bottles lining the walls. Just ask, and they’ll take you back into the winery to show you the winemaking process. Take a deep breath and savor the wonderful aromas of a working winery.

They’ll give you advice, tips and recipes on what to have with Carlson wines, and most certainly, turn you into a believer that wine is a fun adventure too.

Open daily 10am – 5:45pm year ’round 7 days a week except major holidays

Where to Find Us:

461 35 Road
Palisade, CO 81526
Toll Free: (888) 464-5554
Phone: (970) 464-5554
Web: Our Website

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